The 4th Convention for Promoting Democracy in Asia

投稿日 :2015年3月7日


Today we held the 4th Tokyo assembly for the promotion of the right national democratization in Asia in order to establish the real democratization and racial self-determination.

Last year the large scale movement such as the Sunflower revolution in Taiwan and the movement for the democratization in Hong Kong broke out. Thus, big waves to pursue the democratization began to appear.

On the other hand, the Chinese government has increased the oppression in Uyghur, Southern Mongolia and Tibet, and it has also been threatening the peace in Asia by expanding armaments and hegemony.

However, the contradiction in China such as the gap between rich and poor, the environmental pollution and the bubble economy is growing. Democratization of the dictatorship which is the current of the world history should be realized in China and other despotic states in Asia.

70 years have passed since the World War Ⅱ, and we are facing a new phase of our history.
The World War Ⅱ brought the independence of most of the Asian countries, and that was the big advance.
However, it is the fact that the dictatorship was brought about, and the new colonialism appeared in several countries in Asia prominently China, one party dictatorship in North Korea as a result of the defeat of Japan.

Now, 70 years after the war, we declare that the complete liberation of colonies and the democratization of dictatorships which still exist in Asia are the important missions of all international societies including Japan that respect the value of freedom, democracy and right national self-determination. We also swear that we continue fighting against the dictatorship.

February 21, 2015
The 4th Convention for Promoting Democracy in Asia
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